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IN FOCUS - With vulnerable groups in the Centre!

Covid-19, Human Rights and what we can learn from the HIV WORK

What measures can we take to overcome the corona-virus crisis, limit its effects and use scarce resources efficiently? Every day we experience uncertainties and contradictions regarding these questions among scientists, health experts, politicians, and in society. We must all strive for a broad consensus to overcome the global COVID-19 pandemic. With our IM FOKUS publications, we aim to stimulate discussion and encourage individuals to form their own opinions, whereby we write based on our experience of working on the HIV-response. Our intention is not to equate COVID-19 with HIV but to discuss which experiences from the work on HIV may prove helpful in dealing with COVID-19. We do not intend to replace scientific papers, nor are we in a position to comprehensively and conclusively represent the current state of scientific knowledge.

IN FOCUS - With vulnerable groups in the Centre! (online version)IN FOCUS - With vulnerable groups in the Centre! (print version)

Aktionsbündnis gegen AIDS, 2024