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About us

Who we are

Since 2002, Action against AIDS Germany advocates the German government to  meet its responsibilities as an economically privileged country by making an appropriate contribution to the global fight against HIV and AIDS. In particular, this implies the provision of universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support to all people - especially in disadvantaged regions of the world.

Action against AIDS Germany is a nationwide network of about 300 groups and organizations. These include local AIDS service organizations, Protestant and Catholic churches and organizations, one-world shops as well as organizations working in the field of development cooperation, humanitarian aid, HIV & AIDS, and health issues.

The member-organizations of Action against AIDS Germany are organized in working groups, which deal with a variety of thematic fields in the context of HIV and Aids.

What we do

We inform and sensitize the wider public as well as decision-makers through talks, conferences, publications, press-work, campaigns and actions. The aim is to improve the situation of disadvantaged people who are at risk or particularly affected by HIV and AIDS.

We adress policy makers in the German parliament and the Federal Government, because they are the center-point for decisions both on financial efforts to tackle HIV and health promotion as well as on national and international agreements. It is important to us that effective prevention and access to affordable medicines and diagnostics become a reality globally.

We urge the federal government to fulfill the commitment of providing 0.7% of gross national income (GNI) to development co-operation and (included) 0.1% of GNI to measures that promote Global Health. This also implies that the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria ( is adequately funded.

We shine the spot on topics, the German government should increase its engagement in and recommend adequate measures to do so.

An important addressee of Action against AIDS Germany is the pharmaceutical industry. Their are adressed with demand to increase research-efforts to provide for adequate combination-therapies and to better access to affordable medicines and diagnostics.

Why we exist

Today, it is undisputed that an end of AIDS by 2030 is possible. However, it requires political support and adequate financial resources.

In recent years there has been great success in the prevention of new infections, more and more people get a life-saving HIV treatment and thus the number of AIDS-related mortality rates have declined - a success, particularly due to civil society efforts.

But: Although the issue of HIV and AIDS threatens to disappear from public consciousness and of the political agenda, major challenges remain. Still millions of people need access to affordable, effective and appropriate HIV drugs, affordable and accessible testing facilities and low-threshold, adequate preventive means.

Increased efforts are needed to reach young people and vulnerable groups such as sex workers, drug-use, or men who have sex with men to achieve. Stigma and discrimination must be reduced, because it keeps people from being able to protect themselves adequately against infection or to access continuous treatment.

As a Germany-wide network, Action against AIDS advocates for the necessary attention and consistent pursuit of the aim of an end of AIDS by 2030.

Aktionsbündnis gegen AIDS, 2022