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About us

Since 2002, Action against AIDS Germany (Aktionbündnis gegen AIDS) advocates the German government to meet its responsibilities as an economically privileged country by making an appropriate contribution to the global fight against HIV and AIDS.  In particular, that includes that Action against AIDS Germany is committed to the human right to health for all. In particular, we oppose any discrimination against people living with HIV or those who are particularly at risk. Solidarity and justice form the basis of our actions. In the Alliance, people and organizations work together for access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for all people. We are committed to ensuring that Germany and Europe make a fair contribution to ending Aids worldwide. To achieve this, health systems must be strengthened globally and access to medication must be secured in the long term.

 Action against AIDS Germany is a nationwide network of about 300 groups and organizations. These include local HIV service organizations, Protestant and Catholic churches and organizations, one-world shops as well as organizations working in the field of development cooperation, humanitarian aid, HIV & Aids, and health issues.

Aktionsbündnis gegen AIDS, 2024